12 de fev de 2012


Etiquetas para garrafas e frascos
Encontrados por: Cantinho do PhotoScape
Créditos: Apricum
Não retire sem creditar

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  1. Hi,

    I feel flattered that you listed Apricum’s Bottle Labels , but I’m kind of sad too, because you hotlinked the download.

    Apricum.net is a small noncommercial website that doesn’t have many visitors and that offers all downloads for free.
    It took a lot of work to create these labels and I created them, to get visitors to my website.

    If you hotlink the download, your visitors don’t visit my website and and that’s not the only problem, because I pay for every download from the CDN and that means I pay for your visitors, even if I was the one who made these lables. That’s kind of unfair, isn’t it?

    So please link to my website http://www.apricum.net/2012/01/30/labels-for-bottles-and-jars/ instead of hotlinking. That would be very nice.

    Thank you and greetings


  2. Thank you so much. Hugs!

  3. We'll correct it :) Sorry for it.